The organizers will not accept liability for loss of or damage to any exhibit, materials, machineries, etc nor for injury to exhibitor’s personnel at any time. Exhibitors are strongly advised to take insurance policy covering the following against theft, loss or damage, including the risk of fire, injuries and third party claims etc:

  1. Machinery
    1. Transit and loading & unloading of machines
    1. Exhibition personnel
    1. Third party (visitors)


An exhibitor intending to demonstrate working equipment on his stand must:

  1. Provide the organizers with full details in writing of any working exhibits involving moving parts, naked flame, lasers or other items, which could be hazardous to visitors or the exhibitors.
    1. Give proper consideration to the safety and conditions under which the exhibits will be demonstrated, as per rules laid down by Ministry of Environment, Pollution Control Act.
    1. Cause no annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors. Where a high level of noise or other objectionable factor is involved, demonstrations may only take place at the times stipulated by the organizers, who reserve the right to terminate a demonstration at any time.
    1. Isolate controls so that they cannot be operated by visitors.
    1. No use of flashing or winking lights.
    1. Not to contravene any Acts passed by Government of India, Ministry of Environment and Pollution Control Act.


The organizers at different points in the exhibition halls shall provide fire-fighting equipment. Exhibitors are however advised to take due precautions and install necessary safety and firefighting equipment in their stands. Exhibitors, who, because of the nature of their exhibits, require a special type of fire extinguisher, must make arrangements at their own cost for the provision of such equipment. The organizers will assist and advise, if required. Any person seeing an outbreak of fire, however slight, must make immediate use of fire alarm system and make every endeavor to extinguish the outbreak or to confine it by the use of extinguishers and / or removal of goods in the vicinity.


Fire hydrants and fire extinguishers in the halls must not be obstructed or made unrecognizable or inaccessible.


All electrical equipments must comply with the safety regulations. Electric cooker plates, irons, grills, cookers, immersion heaters and other electrical appliances are to be adequately supervised during operations. They must be placed on the fire proof, heat resistant bases so that even in the case of excessive heat, inflammable objects in their vicinity cannot be ignited.


Safety lighting is to be switched on at nightfall. If exhibition stands or parts of the exhibition hall are darkened for operational purpose, sufficient safety lighting is to be provided.


Packing material, transport crates and the like which are not needed during the exhibition are to be handed over to the officially appointed freight forwarder of your choice who will store the material for you at a cost. During the stand set-up and dismantling periods, the transport paths in the halls are to be kept free as far as possible, transport and packing material and other equipment, which is no longer needed, should be removed immediately from the hall.


Internal combustion engines must not be demonstrated in operation in the halls. Fuels must not be stored on the stand. Fuel tanks must be locked and batteries disconnected. Compressed gas cylinders are prohibited in the exhibition area.



The following regulations must be observed when preparing a stand presentation:

Rental Display/Shell Scheme

  1. No additional stand fitting or display may be attached to the shell structure. Neither nailing nor drilling will be allowed. If you require assistance in hanging or displaying your exhibits, please consult the show management office.
  2. No painting or wall papering of stand panels of shell scheme stands will be allowed in the exhibition halls. Exhibitors who wish to have panels painted must inform the official shell scheme contractor who will provide a quotation for the requirement.
  3. No free standing fitment may exceed a height of 2.5m or extend beyond the boundaries of the site allocated.
  4. Any change in the type or color of the floor covering provided must be by prior approval of the organization. The cost must be borne by the exhibitor.
  5. An exhibitor occupying a corner booth has the choice to have either a wall or both sides open on to the aisle.
  6. No financial credit will be given by the organizers for any package item not utilized.


Exhibitors who have booked Space Only sites, may use a contractor of their own choice, subject to the following rules:

  1. Confirmation and submission of stand layout plan and design to the organizers office not later than 10th July 2022 together with the name, address and contact details of their selected contractor. This is to prevent cost alterations on site being required by the Venue Authorities and the organizers.
  2. Exhibitors are responsible for conduct of their Space Only contractor, whom they appoint. In particular, they must ensure that the aisles are not blocked, that painting of the stand does not result in spillage, that the contractor removes his offcuts and debris from the hall and that the stand is completed by 18:00 on 3rd Aug 2022. The exhibitors will also have to bear any charges levied by the Venue Authorities for damage caused to property, walls, flooring, or for debris not cleared away by their space only contractor.
  3. No structure may exceed a height of 2.5/3.5m.
  4. No part of any structures may extend beyond the boundaries of site allocated.
  5. No suspensions are to be made from the ceiling of the exhibition halls, nor may any fixing be made to the floor, walls or any other part of the building.
  6. A suitable floor covering, carpet or matting must be provided for all stands.
  7. A back wall, except in the case of an island or peninsula stand, must be provided.
  8. Where Bare Space stand walls exceed 2.5m in height adjacent to a shell scheme stand, the exhibitor with the higher wall must decorate the rear surfaces above that level.


The organizer, in addition to normal stand lighting will provide hall lighting. The standard electrical voltage available for use on stands at the exhibition is 230volts, single-phase alternating at 50Hz and 415volts, three-phase alternating at 50Hz. A fluctuation of plus or minus 10% can be expected. EXHIBITORS WHOSE EQUIPMENT IS PARTICULARLY SENSITIVE SHOULD INSTALL A STABILISER. Supplies to stands will normally be switched off at source 30 minutes after the exhibition closes each day (15 minutes on the final day).

  1. Electric power supply available at the exhibition is as under:
  2. 3 Phase : 400/440 volts 50 cycles + 10%
  3. Single Phase : 230 volts + 10%
  4. Frequency : 50 CPS + 3%
  5. The fluctuations mentioned above are only for reference. Larger variation could be expected on some occasions.
  6. Fair management personnel responsible for supply of power will be entrusted with authority for regulating and controlling the power supply to the exhibition hall and individual stalls.
  7. Each stall will be provided with electric power at one or more main points depending on the total load requirement. Exhibitors should use distribution boards for feeding power to their machines. Individual isolation switches should be provided for each machine. Exhibitors should use either armored cables or metal conduits for connecting power supply to machines.
  8. The work of drawing power from main points to machines/exhibits are to be carried out by the exhibitors, at their own cost. Exhibitors may engage the services of their own personnel or authorized electrical contractors for cabling work inside their stall subject to the condition that they are duly licensed to undertake electrical work and their names and addresses are intimated to the organizers before the commencement of work. The service charges of electrical contractors are to be borne by the exhibitors and are payable directly to the contractors appointed by them.
  9. The exhibitors should connect power to machines and exhibits as per the requirement given in their applications. Connecting power to the exhibits other than those mentioned in electricity requisition form or more than specified load or the load allotted by electrical department will not be permitted.
  10. Exhibitors must install separate and independent switch connections for their machines / exhibits. Alternate connections or throw-over switches are not allowed.
  11. In case, power is supplied to the stall from two or more main points, exhibitors must distribute the load as per the capacity of the respective switchboards in consultation with EverythingAboutWater’s officially appointed electrical contractors. Exhibitors requiring single phase power for lighting purpose should carry out necessary wiring from 3-phase outlet through two poles single phase switches if necessary for further distribution.
  12. After electrical wiring work is completed, exhibitors must obtain a completion report from their electricians or contractors engaged by them and file the same with EverythingAboutWater’s officially appointed electrical contractors. Actual connected load for individual machines/exhibits are to be mentioned in report.
  13. All the main electrical supply points must be kept easily accessible for operation and repairs in the event of any emergency. Main electrical supply points should not be concealed or covered.
  14. Power will be released only after the wiring work is carried out to the standards of EverythingAboutWater’s officially appointed electrical contractors and approved by the fair inspectors.
  15. Temporary power supply for erection and testing of machines can be made available from 3rd August, 14:00 onwards.
  16. The exhibitors are advised to install equipments like voltage stabilizers/UPS for their sophisticated machines/exhibits. If the machines are sensitive to alignment of floor, placement of steel plates underneath is recommended.
  17. Exhibitors are advised to exercise highest levels of safety precautions and engage services of only qualified professionals for electrical wiring and installations.
  18. EverythingAboutWater does not guarantee uninterrupted power supply nor does the Venue Authorities. Any failure in regular power supply during the exhibition by unforeseen or any technical reason, no refund of money or any act of omission will be entertained by the organizers.




ONLY OFFICIALLY APPOINTED FREIGHT FORWARDER is permitted to work in-hall and handle onsite equipments. Any forwarder may deliver goods to the doors of the hall, but the officially appointed freight forwarders MUST handle from the point to your booth, unless the item can be hand-carried by one man.

This regulation will be strictly enforced and is necessary for reasons of insurance, safety and control.


NO REMOVAL OR DELIVERY OF EXHIBITS AND OTHER EXHIBITION STORES IN OR OUT OF THE EXHIBITION HALL IS PERMITTED DURING THE OPEN HOURS OF THE EXHIBITION. Such removal, delivery or replenishment to stock may only be carried out before opening hours in the morning or after closing time in the evening. If you wish to remove any item of your display from the hall during the show days, a “GOODS REMOVAL PASS” must be obtained from the show management office.


The organizers will arrange for the general cleaning of the exhibition premises and stands (excluding exhibits and displays) prior to the opening of the exhibition and daily thereafter. It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to keep their own stands tidy. Exhibitors with working exhibits resulting in substantial quantities of waste materials, must inform the organizers in advance so that necessary arrangements may be made for which a charge will be raised.


The organizers are unable to provide storage facilities for packing cases, surplus materials, or other property of exhibitors. Arrangements for safe-keeping of such items at a cost must be made with the officially appointed freight forwarders of your choice. Also, for small entrepreneurs, efforts will be made to provide storage space. They too should get in touch with official forwarder of their choice with their requirements. During move-in, construction of stands and removal of exhibits, the passageways of the exhibition hall must not be obstructed with packing materials, construction materials or debris. Contractors are responsible for removing their own off-cuts and waste each day of buildup and break down. Exhibitors are requested to place their waste in the aisle for removal by the cleaners. The organizers reserve the right to invoice exhibitors for excessive packing materials and discarded crates or cartons, which will be removed by the cleaners.


Stands must be fully staffed and operational throughout the open hours of the exhibition. Exhibitors may not participate in any activity, which causes or is likely to cause annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors. In particular, audio/visual display equipment must be positioned and sound levels so adjusted to avoid disturbance to neighbors. In the event of any disagreement, the organizers decision in this matter will be final.


Audio/Video cassettes, CDs, DVDs, tapes and other such material must be submitted to the officially appointed freight forwarder by the exhibitor for clearance by the Indian Government Authorities prior to the show.


The organizers shall be responsible for and be entitled to act as the owners of the premises throughout the tenancy period. The decision of the organizers in any problem or dispute will be final.


Retail sales of plants, machinery, ancillary equipment and samples are strictly prohibited. Spot orders for the same may be booked and delivered after the exhibition is over. However, free sale of books, periodicals and magazines is permitted.


The organizers appreciate that in many cases the exhibitors prefer to sell exhibits instead of carrying them back to their destination. Such sale of exhibits can be effected, if so desired by the exhibitors. This is however, subject to the condition that organizers shall not be responsible for collection or remission of duty, taxes such as import and excise duty, sales tax, octroi etc. Fulfillment of this obligation will be totally the responsibility of the exhibitor individually. The sold exhibits can be removed only after the conclusion of the exhibition along with removal of other exhibits after complying with the rules in all respects. It is advisable for exhibitors to refer to the guidelines of the officially appointed clearing & forwarding agents in this regard.

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