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Glimpses of the Water Expo

Exhibition Raw Space – INR 11,500/-

Our Exhibition Raw Space offers you the perfect canvas to showcase your products and ideas. Tailor your exhibit to your unique vision and product requirements, allowing you to stand out in the crowd. However, please note that all stand designs are subject to organizer approval to ensure a cohesive and enjoyable event experience for all attendees.

Exhibition Standard Shell Scheme – INR 12,500/-

Shell scheme booth includes Carpets, Octo norm partitions, Fascia board with company name, Spotlights, Counter tables, Chairs, Power socket (5 amp), Waste paper bin

Upper view of Water Expo
Exhibitor Directory

Exhibitor Directory Advertising: Expand Your Reach Before, During & After the Water Event!

EverythingaboutWater offers a remarkable chance to engage with audiences across West, East, North, and South India through a single advertisement. Our straightforward advertising package grants you access to all the significant water markets in India. Notably, it presents the most cost-effective solution to connect with over 55,000 end – user industries and water professionals.

Stand Out from The Crowd with Sponsorship Options

Join us in supporting this prestigious trade event, boasting a 22-year track record of attracting top-tier professionals. Sponsorship offers opportunities to reinforce your company’s message, boost brand recognition, increase visitor traffic, and set your business apart. For more details, please contact us.

COntact us
Delegates at Water Event

Join the Conference and Training Experience!

Participate in EAW International Conclave, a two-day International Conference Training Event focused on various themes. We are extending invitations to officials, speakers, and Consultants from prominent water utilities and water companies worldwide. This unique gathering provides a platform for them to share their valuable experiences and success stories, while also fostering opportunities for mutual learning and growth.

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