Why Delhi?

Delhi, India

Delhi is an ideal location for the Expo due to its strategic significance in India’s Water management landscape. As the capital city, Delhi serves as a hub for Government agencies, Industry leaders, and experts in the field of Water conservation, treatment, and technology. Its central location facilitates easy accessibility for both National and International participants, fostering a diverse and influential attendee base. Additionally, Delhi’s well-developed Infrastructure, including World-class Convention centers and accommodation options, ensures a seamless and productive experience for exhibitors and visitors alike. The vibrant metropolis provides a dynamic backdrop for the Expo, promoting collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of ideas to address pressing Water-related challenges.


IICC – India International Convention & Expo Centre (YASHOBHOOMI)

IICC is located 10 km from Delhi International Airport, with the surrounding area home to a sports complex, diplomatic residences, a Golf course, and the airport city hotel. It is 25 km from the city center of New Delhi but is in the best geographical location with no traffic.

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